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UW says virtual reality reduces pain

University of Washington, where the retinal scanning display technology was born, has released a study: Virtual reality significantly reduces pain-related brain activity.

"...Average drops in pain-related brain activity in the five sites monitored ranged from 50 percent to 97 percent, depending on the neural area observed.

"That's a drastic reduction," said Todd Richards, professor of radiology in the UW Medical Center and a co-author of the study. "The subjects' pain ratings went down and their pain-related brain activities were greatly reduced. In other words, the VR treatment reduced pain both in the mind and the brain."

"Instead of electrons, we're using photons," Hoffman said. "We convert the images to light, which is then carried to the goggles via fiberoptic cables."


Hmmmm. Very interesting. Good work, UW.

thanks to redfox444444.