New Patent Awarded

Apparatus and methods for generating multiple exit-pupil images in an expanded exit pupil

"Referring to FIG. 2, a scanned-beam display system overcomes the problem of "losing" an image due to eye movement by including a diffraction grating to generate an exit pupil, which includes an array of multiple exit-pupil images. Specifically, a modulated light beam scans an image onto the diffraction grating, where the size of the image is determined by a scanning angle. The grating diffracts the beam into fractional beams, which respectively generate exit-pupil images as the beam scans the image. Each of the images is a replica of, but has a lower intensity than, the image. An eyepiece collimates the images to form the exit pupil. When the viewer's pupil is aligned with one or more of the images, the aligned image or images converge on an area of the viewer's retina to replicate the image. The intensity of the replicated image is proportional to the number of images that converge to form the replicated image on the retinal area."


To the best of my understanding, this patent describes a technique by which to expand the angles of visibility and maintain uniform brightness across all visible angles of a scanned beam display.

Great stuff.

Thanks to homeTon.