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2010 Future Force Warrior system

FUTURE WARRIOR: New Concepts for Uniform Systems

The new system has the ability for each soldier to be tied into tactical local and wide-area networks with an onboard computer that sits at the base of the soldier's back. "We essentially call the 2010 soldier an 'F- 16 on legs' because it gives the soldier the same capabilities as they would normally have on aircraft and other platforms," DeGay explained. The F-16 is an Air Force fighter jet.

Soldiers will also be able to share data with vehicles, aircraft and other individual soldiers. "If an Apache helicopter was deployed forward and recorded real-time video of the enemy, the helicopter can send the video back to an individual soldier to observe," he said, with obvious enthusiasm and excitement for the new uniform system.

As has been seen in science-fiction movies, a dropdown piece of eyewear from the helmet allows the soldier to see a 17-inch computer screen displaying anything relayed to the soldier. "This eyewear device is see-through, so it hangs out in space," DeGay said. This allows soldiers to take in all supporting data while keeping both hands on their weapons.

Soldiers wearing the new system will have no need for an external microphone to communicate. "The helmet has sensors that register vibrations of the cranial cavity so I don't have to have a microphone in my mouth. That allows the soldier to control the entire computer via voice-activation," DeGay explained. Soldiers will be able to cycle through onboard menus via their eyewear device.
Guess what -- when they are talking about see-through, 17-inch computer screens that allow the soldier to take in data while keeping their hands free, they are talking about equipping every soldier in the Army with a Nomad or other Microvision display over the next 5 years.

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  1. FFW was merged with Land Warrior. These programs are struggling. Check out to find out why.


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