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SAN FRANCISCO, California—May 12, 2004—Information in Place, Inc. (IIPI) will present technology designed to enhance human performance at WIRED NextFest from Friday, May 14th to Sunday, May 16th. Visitors will be able to interact with the exhibit to learn how to pilot a virtual vehicle through a real course, correctly wire a complex electronic system, and assemble an object with this advanced technology, in addition to other activities.

WIRED Magazine, the creator of NextFest, describes the event as “a unique exhibition that brings together – for the first time under one roof – innovations from inventors and research and development labs around the world. It has been created for all audiences and showcases more than 100 hands-on exhibits.” The Information in Place exhibit will allow visitors to interact with groundbreaking position detection, training, and display technology via five stations:
In the future, games will be played in the real world, not on a computer or TV.

In this scene, a player is racing a virtual space ship around a real mall. He sees the ship, his friend, and directions to an appointment through special headworn displays and a technology called augmented reality.

1. Virtual Vehicle Challenge:

Pilot a virtual vehicle through a real course and pick up targets as quickly as possible using a see-through head-worn display.

2. Video Augmented Reality:

View virtual information coded to the environment and superimposed with live video.

3. Accel Maintenance Solution:

Fix wiring with hands-free instructions that are constantly viewable via a see-through display.

4. Accel Assembly Assistant:

Assemble origami into a complex shape without looking away from the paper.

5. CREATE Authoring Tool:

Create and place virtual signs in the exhibit hall that can be viewed through head-worn and plasma displays.
“It is a great opportunity for IIPI to be invited to exhibit at this international event alongside prestigious companies like Honda, Mitsubishi Electric, Motorola, and Northrop Grumman to show technologies that will soon be a part of everyday life,” stated Information in Place VP, Business Development & CFO, Jonathan Schalliol. “The solutions we are exhibiting are based upon seven years of research and development, and it is gratifying that this hard work is being recognized.”

Technology in each station of the IIPI NextFest exhibit was produced for industrial or military applications by Information in Place and its NextFest partners, but Information in Place has taken these complex technologies and made solutions that average people can relate to.

Head up display of information is already being implemented in industrial and military applications.
In this scene, we see a first person view through the eyewear. The person is performing a maintenance procedure and accessing information hands-free about how to best perform the task.

Chris Borland, IIPI President and CTO, said, “Integrating technology from AuSIM, Microvision, NovAtel, Polhemus, and WorldViz has allowed us to extend the capabilities of our platform to support solutions that can be applied to a multitude of markets.”

WIRED created seven topical pavilions to showcase the future of communication, design, entertainment, exploration, health, security and transportation. Exhibits will be placed adjacent to other similar exhibits in these pavilions, and because the Information in Place exhibit has applicability in each of the topical areas, the Company was supplied an individual exhibit location next to Main Stage to show the technology’s synergistic nature. Solutions based upon the technologies featured in the exhibit are currently available to reduce operational cost and increase performance for businesses, government and military institutions.

NextFest will be covered by over fifty major print publications, radio stations and television stations, such as “Popular Science”, “The New York Times”, “TechTV” and “Fortune”. Additionally, NBC’s “Today Show” will be airing portions of the event and “The Science Channel” will feature an hour long television program on NextFest, which it describes as “a unique three-day event, exhibiting the future of things to come from the world’s leading visionary companies.” The program will air at 9:00 PM Eastern on Sunday May 16th and will be replayed several times during the following day.

About Information in Place:

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Information in Place, Inc. has a strong background in developing training and performance support solutions for a number of applications for corporate as well as military clients. The Company’s intelligent training tools and performance enhancement software solutions greatly improve productivity and reduce the complexity of managing vital information. Applications built from the Firm’s advanced authoring tools can be deployed in many different environments, ranging from simple online systems to next generation mobile augmented reality solutions. To learn more about the Information in Place NextFest exhibit, please visit