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Gaming majors to showcase the latest technology at GITEX Computer Shopper 2004

Gaming majors to showcase the latest technology at GITEX Computer Shopper 2004

GITEX Computer Shopper 2004 will be the playing field for a host of gaming majors who are targeting the Middle East, the fastest growing market in the USD 20 billion global gaming industry, announced organisers Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

New software, faster processors, wireless consoles, mobile phone gaming, futuristic game pads and an opportunity to gain insight into future gaming trends is expected to attract a record number of enthusiasts as well as first time gamers to the Airport Expo, venue for GITEX Computer Shopper which runs from October 2 to 8.

Exhibitors include Sony, Jumbo Electronics, IT Plus, Genius Trading and Software Mart amongst many others who will be showcasing the latest from UBIsoft, Microsoft, EA Games and Sony gaming software such as EyeToy, Singstar, Gran Turismo, Athens, Getaway etc.

The mobile phone gamers will be able to preview the future trends as predicted by manufacturers such as Siemens and Nokia. The advanced handsets to be showcased at GITEX Computer Shopper, will allow Augmented Reality Games. Other future prototypes will include the paper like display, which will soon make it possible to have larger displays on smaller mobile phones, and a pen interaction demonstrator. Wireless multi-player games and the latest mobile software applications are expected to be a big draw at several exhibitor stands displaying the Nokia N-Gage brand.