DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

New Patent Awarded

Scanned display with switched feeds and distortion correction

A display or image capture apparatus includes a scanning assembly that scans about two or more axes, typically in a raster pattern. A plurality of light sources emit light from spaced apart locations toward the scanning assembly and the scanning assembly simultaneously scans more than one of the beams. The light sources are positioned so each beam illuminates a discrete region of the image field that is substantially non-overlapping with the other regions. Each line of the image is formed from segments where two or more of the segments define a line of an image. Because the lines are made from discrete segments, the problem of raster pinch is reduced. The achievable resolution of the display for a given scan angle and mirror size is increased relative to a mirror sweeping a single beam. Segments of different wavelengths can be overlapped to produce a color display.

When I read this I'm reminded of the PGA slogan: These Guys Are Good.

Take a read through this patent. What can you say? This is brilliant. Mr. Market doesn't realize yet that there is intrinsic value in the over 100 patents on various light scanning technologies that have been granted to Microvision. Everyone is caught up with the price of oil or the wars or what have you.

I wish I was smart enough to do this stuff. I hope to be smart enough to make some money on the backs of these inventions, at least.

Thanks to 'rrknowsmore'.