DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

Random Notes

The top Lexus and Honda dealers in the country are deploying Nomad, along with the #4 Chevy dealer. Over the next several weeks, the company will be able to provide investors and potential customers with specific metrics about how much faster a variety of auto service tasks can be performed with Nomad.

Specific data about cost savings and efficiencies gained through the use of Nomad in large dealership service environments will be the best kind of advertising the company can get -- although being dubbed a 'Top 20 Tool' by Motor Magazine is pretty great too.

It's been a long road to get to this point -- where the product, the price point and the marketing message can converge to create a truly compelling offering for customers.

As a person who has been buying MVIS shares for years with end-user apps in mind like gaming glasses, scanned beam cell phone displays, etc, it's extremely exciting to see the Nomad Expert product be ready to roll -- and to have the wind at our backs with the Honda dealer convention, the success generating interest from last month's Acura convention, and on and on.

The proliferation of information utilities continues inexorably. The availability of information at the point where it's needed, in cramped quarters with both hands in use, where laptops and PDAs are useless -- is what the Nomad was built to provide.

Remember rotary telephones? There was a time when it was the only way to make a call -- but in the present day, it just doesn't happen very often. The same principle holds true with information for vehicle servicing. At first there were multiple phone book sized manuals -- then rolling computer kiosks -- efforts were made with laptops and PDAs -- but these were designed for use by people who were sitting in a chair, not taking apart a car. Nomad is the first and only information utility specifically designed to be worn by mechanics while working on a vehicle.

I think it's going to meet broad market acceptance. Which would be very very good for those with large MVIS positions.