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Microtechnology: Changing the World Little by Little

Microtechnology: Changing the World Little by Little (PDF)

Another WTC client is Microvision, a leader in the photonics industry that is also based in Bothell, Wash. [NWS&T, Autumn 2003, p.20]. Microvision’s patented MEMS devices, in which optical surfaces and small hinges are formed on a silicon chip roughly one fourth the size of a dime, have enabled the development of a number of products with mobile display and imaging applications.

Microvision’s Nomad Augmented Vision System is able to project an image from a source, such as a computer or video camera, through the viewer’s pupil onto the retina. The image is created as the MEMS device paints as many as 30 million pixels per second onto the retina using a low-intensity light beam. In this way, the Nomad System superimposes high-contrast, high resolution images on its user’s view of the surrounding environment.

In October of 2003, the American Honda Motor Company announced plans to supply their dealers and technicians with Nomad Systems as early as 2004. Because the system can overlay automobile diagnostics and repair instructions directly on a technician’s vision, Honda believes it will increase the efficiency and accuracy of technicians performing complex repairs.

Other applications reported by Microvision for the Nomad Augmented Vision System include the positioning and alignment of surgical tools for surgeons, navigation and mapping for security personnel and military troops, and wearable displays for pilots.
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