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BOTHELL, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 2004-- Microvision, Inc. (Nasdaq:MVIS - News), a leader in light scanning technologies, has been named by IEEE Media's Spectrum Magazine as one of 'ten tech companies for the next ten years.' The November 2004 issue highlights historically significant technologies over the past forty years, and identifies the most important technologies for the coming decade.

Ten companies predicted to have a bright future were selected by Spectrum's Board of Editors and several IEEE Fellows. IEEE is one of the most prestigious engineering organizations and its Spectrum magazine reaches 385,000 paid subscribers who are thought to be leaders in the technology field. The IEEE, which dates back to 1884, was formed to support the advancement of technological innovations in communication and electronics.

Microvision's scanned beam display technology was identified as having the ability to solve problems associated with current display devices. Microvision's approach to solve these performance issues is a proprietary and patented display technology that uses eye-safe laser light sources and LEDs to paint high-resolutions images to the users eye. The scanned beam display technology superimposes electronic images and data onto the users real world, creating an image that appears to the user to be floating about an arms length away.

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"We're honored that IEEE's distinguished Editorial Board and many IEEE fellows have placed Microvision into the 'ten tech companies for the next ten years'," stated Rick Rutkowski, Microvision CEO. "This acknowledgment is an important validation that Microvision's technology is recognized and valued by leading members of the technical community. Microvision's display technology is already improving the way individuals work today, and we believe will dramatically impact the way we work and play in the future."
This award was first reported by MVIS Blog on November 8.