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The Soul Laser

The Soul Laser

I've read a whole lot of futuristic and transhumanist stuff over the last couple years. Stuff about uploading our consciousness into some supercomputer and living for a theoretical eternity as billions of little 'life emulations' running at light speed. Reconciling these notions of preserving our fundamental identity patterns forever while our physical bodies have long ago been turned to dust -- and imagining what the post-human existence as dreamed up by Kurzweil and Moravec would be like has provided me with a whole lot of ideas, that I ended up turning into a rock album called New Neural Substrate.

Whether we can truly capture our life essence as routines in a computer supposes that our true nature is purely physical -- or that our physical form embodies our spiritual selves somehow. On that philosophical note, here's an excerpt from a pretty amazing article that uses the laser as an allegory for humanity's quest to transcend mortality.

Just as a regular laser brings about a ray of coherent light, perhaps this universe is designed to bring about coherent, synchronized souls who can leap beyond the physical once they've attained the correct energy and orientation.

The reason for this physical universe may be to transform raw matter into consciousness (people), and help that consciousness become coherent "light" (awakened souls who can transcend physicality). I see strong parallels:

Lasing medium = The matrix of physical existence. The cosmos. Earth and everyone on it.

Energy pump = As time passes, everything is urged to a higher energy state by "collisions" with other things. In the strong teleological view (as found in many NDE stories), this "nudging" is precisely orchestrated for maximum effect.

Electron in the ground state = An incarnated, unawakened soul.

Electron in the pumped state = An incarnated soul raised to a higher energy state by life experiences (collisions).

Stimulated emission = Spiritual awakening, usually through contact with another awakened soul, but sometimes arising spontaneously from perfectly timed life-experience collisions.

Photon = An awakened soul, no longer bound to the incarnation.

Resonance = Awakened souls gradually being nudged into alignment with each other. "Love" describes the phase and orientation of the exit path.

Laser output = Awakened souls that have achieved the proper synchrony and alignment. They are now free to exit the physical medium and enter into a realm of coherent light.

Isn't it interesting that almost all NDE [Near Death Experience] stories describe travelling through a tunnel of light? And that only those who have learned the necessary lessons can escape a return to an Earthly life? I wonder if the realm described in NDE accounts isn't simply a universe in which organized light is the basis of existence.

A laser isn't really an amplifier, it's an oscillator. The trick lies in synchronizing the oscillations. Life is like that, too. Consciousness is all about taking the random oscillations of life and matter and synchronizing them into a desired state: a loving, compassionate frame of mind unfettered by material attachments.
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