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US Army Reserve Orders Nomad Systems

U.S. Army Reserve to Use Commercial Nomad Systems to Help Meet Readiness Requirements

Orders 37 Nomad Systems for Initial Fielding

BOTHELL, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 6, 2004--Microvision Inc. (Nasdaq:MVIS - News) today announced the U.S. Army Reserve has purchased 37 units of the commercial Nomad Expert Technician System for immediate fielding in U.S. based Army Reserve maintenance facilities. The system implementation is planned to take place in over 10 locations and has the potential to lead to follow-on orders.

"The Army's interest in our commercial off the shelf (COTS) Nomad Expert Technician System is a result of our automotive maintenance studies showing productivity improvements as high as 40% and product demonstrations at military maintenance facilities," said Tom Sanko, Microvision's V.P. of Marketing. "The recent move in all branches of the military to digitize maintenance manuals makes it possible for the Nomad System to now support the defense maintenance, repair and equipment overhaul sector at a time when personnel resources are scarce due to pressures from overseas operations."

The U.S. Department of Defense estimates there are 700,000 military and civilian personnel involved in defense maintenance activities. "Microvision believes these personnel can benefit from the same type of increased productivity, improved repair quality and mobile information currently being experienced by service technicians in the automotive sector," said Sanko. "The efficiency gains provided by the Nomad Expert Technician System with its wireless, head-up, hands-free access to information should help shorthanded Army maintenance facilities meet wartime readiness requirements.

"This purchase by the U.S. Army Reserve of the commercial Nomad solution for maintenance applications is a second major defense related milestone for Microvision. The first milestone was the fielding of a military version of the Nomad as a helmet mounted display by the Stryker Brigade to provide improved situational awareness capabilities to vehicle commanders on the battlefield in Iraq. We look forward to the opportunity to provide the Nomad for additional defense related uses in the near future."