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Wireless Gaming Growth Surges

The Money Show Digest by Steven Halpern

"The booming video-game business has finally gone wireless and there is a new crop of players taking the helm," says wireless industry expert Nikhil Hutheesing.

"The market for mobile gaming is just beginning to take off and it stands to become huge. As high speed, third generation networks are deployed and new multimedia handsets come onto the market, demand is going to surge. Wireless gaming revenue could more than double to $203.8 million this year. By 2009, wireless games are expected to generate $1.8 billion annually and worldwide revenue will reach $9 billion. Fueling all this will be not just multiplayer games, which will quickly become commonplace, but demand for 3-D graphics and even location-based games.

"The mobile gaming market is also at an inflection point. Currently, ringtones are the drivers of the mobile entertainment marketplace, but I believe that will change and that carriers will increasingly demand more advanced applications, such as games to increase their average revenue per user. The cell phone gaming business could become the biggest aspect of the video game business because many more people own and use cell phones than own game consoles or gaming PCs."