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Sun Puts Grid on Trading Floor

Sun Puts Grid on Trading Floor

Sun Microsystems (Quote, Chart) is putting the business of Wall Street in its new enterprise grid.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company announced Thursday that it plans to launch a new technology exchange service with Archipelago Holdings that will allow Sun Grid customers to buy and sell their server compute cycles. Similar to a trading floor, customers will be able to bid on CPU usage cycles, and companies can access an unlimited number of CPUs as they need them.

The open, all-electronic stock exchange uses Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx), Archipelago Holdings' electronic matching technology. ArcaEx trades Nasdaq-listed equity securities and exchange-listed equity securities, including those traded on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and Pacific Exchange.

"The technological underpinnings of the Archipelago Exchange could be customized to trade nearly anything, and as the demand for computing power increases, we see great potential in building an exchange for trading CPU usage cycles," Steve Rubinow, Archipelago Exchange CTO, said in a statement.

"The concept of compute exchanges, much like the idea of a widely available, massively scalable computing grid, creates and raises new and potentially very disruptive questions for IT executives at enterprises of all types," Michael Dortch, a principal analyst with IT research firm Robert Frances Group, told

In the coming months, Sun said it will also roll out related Sun Grid products for the desktop and developer communities.