What a Week

Holy mackerel! There's some rough waters out there. Pretty crazy to see people just blowing away all their stock holdings like this. But, what can you do? Not a lot it seems. Just keep your chin up and keep your eyes on the prize.

When you think of the aggregate market capitalization that's been disintegrated over the last week it must be several hundred billion. And for what, exactly?

It's so amorphous and pointless. 'Worries over the economy'. 'Worries about inflation'. 'Another soft patch?'. I kind of take solace in how disconnected and chaotic it all is. Even with a stock price of $4.70, for the last two years, among all the microdisplay companies (that I'm aware of at least), Microvision has been the best performer. Not that it matters much. But for all we've been through, there are folks who are getting a worse deal than us.

Expectations for absolute zilch are priced into the shares at these levels, it seems. So, we'll see what happens.

For those of you who have Comcast digital cable, you can watch the 1981 Bill Murray classic Stripes (OK, it gets kind of stupid towards the end) for free on the On Demand service, whenever you want.

Have a great weekend, everybody!