2005 Annual Meeting Prep

Well, the annual meeting is less than a week away. A good time to start to prepare our questions (remember to bring them on your 3x5 index cards so you don't forget them once you get there). From today's huge volume it looks like we were finally washed out of the Russell 2000 index. So we won't have that hanging over us any more! Thank goodness.

It's been a tough week and a tough 30 days. We haven't had any real news for well over a month when the new Spectrum was announced. Meanwhile a whole lotta value has been vaporized. But I don't worry about it, because, really, who needs money?

This is probably an opportune time to revisit the 1Q05 Conference Call Transcript (and for the time constrained, here's the Executive Summary).

It will be interesting to see what kind of progress has been made on these fronts in the 55 days that will have elapsed between the conference call and the annual meeting. In the meantime...have a good weekend everybody!