The Emergence of "Anytime, Anywhere" Displays

Emergence of 'anytime, anywhere' displays expected to bring opportunities for growth

Tremendous opportunities for technology innovation and market expansion are imminent with the emergence of "anytime, anywhere" displays, a top industry leader said yesterday.

"Within the next 10 years, the digital (dream) world will come true," Jacob Lin, chairman of the Taiwan FPD Industrial Forum, said in his keynote speech at the FPD Taiwan 2005 conference.

The infrastructure for both wireless broadband and wired communications, hardware, and content would all come together within the next decade, and present new challenges to the display industry, said Lin.

"Anywhere, anytime" displays were all about connectivity, portability, and affordability.

"The cheaper the better," he continued.

In his speech, the official noted that high-speed networking and digital broadcasting would trigger the development of new mobile devices, and spur display vendors to further push the technology envelope.

Industry players, he added, were also gearing for the arrival of 4G technology.

"Mobile displays must be unique, compact, and easy to use," Lin said.

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