Kaleido Technology Selected To Supply Precision Mirrors For High Performance Head-Up Displays

Kaleido Technology Selected To Supply Precision Mirrors For High Performance Head-Up Displays

Denmark — Kaleido Technology ApS, a leading manufacturer of cost effective solutions for next generation optics, has been selected by Microvision, inc. (Bothell, WA, USA) to be the supplier of a key free form aspheric mirror for its innovative "MicroHUD" head-up display system.

The challenge of head-up displays in cars is the irregular shape of the windscreen. In order to deliver undistorted text or images to the windscreen, the final mirror in the system must be free form. Drawing upon proprietary in-house developed machining control software, Kaleido Technology has been able to deliver large ultra-precision Aluminium mirrors with excellent imaging properties without the use of any kind of post-polishing. Using this unique technology the company is able to quickly and cost competitively fabricate large free form aspheric mirrors with form accuracy better than 5 µm PV and surface roughness of less than 10nm rms.

The MicroHUD is being developed in response to requirements from major automotive companies including VW, Audi and BMW. The MicroHUD combines Microvision's unique MEMS-based micro display technology with a novel optical design to create a high-performance HUD module that is significantly more compact than other products on the market today. Installed in the dashboard, the MicroHUD reflects a virtual image off the windscreen that appears to the driver to be close to the front of the car. The unique laser-scanning display outperforms existing products based on miniature flat panel display screens because it can be clearly viewed in the brightest conditions and also dimmed to the very low brightness levels required for safe night-time driving. The high-resolution MicroHUD display is completely reconfigurable, enabling virtually any content to be displayed, including video or animated icons and graphics.

According to Russell Hannigan, Director of Business Development for Microvision, "Kaleido was selected over other suppliers because they were one of the few companies able to meet the capabilities, cost and schedule constraints of the program. The Kaleido mirror in our system is specifically designed for the windshield of the targeted model car. By simply changing the contour of the mirror we can easily integrate the MicroHUD into a wide range of vehicles. Kaleido is on the cutting edge of technology by being able to fabricate these large free form aspheric mirrors with the superb form accuracy and surface finish in Aluminium. No subsequent polishing is performed on the surface resulting in a surface that matches as close as possible to the design".

Kaleido Technology is a leading European manufacturer of OEM discrete and integrated optical components and sub-systems. Through innovative production methods the company seeks to provide high precision optics and optical systems at competitive prices.

Microvision Inc. is the world leader in the development of high-resolution displays and imaging systems based on the company's proprietary silicon micro-mirror technology. The company's technology has applications in a broad range of military, medical, industrial, professional and consumer products.

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