Lazy Days

Dear Diary,

Today there was a big market sell off ostensibly because the price of oil hit $60 a barrel. That caused people to sell their stocks, I guess to put their money in something else, like golf clubs.

It is kind of funny (if it weren't kind of serious) about people's idea that if oil goes up that stocks should go down. I would think that if oil goes up, then people are less likely to want to travel as the cost of airfare and gas would go up, too. So there would be greater interest and incentive to develop virtual reality technologies that could allow advanced 'telepresence' applications. Price of oil up, price of MVIS up. Or so one would think.

But the market is really a weird thing and people are panicky. The war keeps dragging on. 'Geopolitical concerns' look like they're here to stay. Oil is high, interest rates are rising (Alan Greenspan, it is time to hang it up. You've done enough damage already. Who does this guy think he is? Stop. Raising. Rates.) and there's nothing new under the sun. Or so it would seem...

As days turn into weeks with no news from MVIS, one has a moment to ponder those wonderful 'macro forces' driving the inevitability of massive success for Microvision. We know all about the mobile phone market, and augmented reality applications. I haven't spent too much time talking about straight-up virtual reality although that's just as interesting. Maybe because that's something that people seem to take for granted as an inevitable development, I don't really write much about it. We all know it's coming. What we don't all know is that Microvision can do it better than anyone else. Higher resolution, lighter weight, wider field of view.

Oh well. You can buy the whole company for under $120M. If I hit the winning PowerBall number I would do just that -- or drop $60M for half the company and get to sit on the Board of Directors. I've got a lot of ideas for things they could do to get the stock price up, attract new partners and sell more Nomads and Flics.

But today is a lazy day in the middle of summer. A day for lemonade and sitting on a porch swing. All that high-faluting financial wheeling and dealing is for another day. My stock might be in the tank but I have inexorable forces of nature at my back. And you just can't beat that.