Augmented Reality Check

Augmented Reality Check


All around us inanimate things are slowly coming to life, veneered with layers of digital information. From payments made by touching things, to street signs which broadcast messages, our belongings are developing behaviors of their own.

In this brave new world connected mobile tools will be at the centre of the convergence of wideband wireless connectivity, RFID and GPS-enabled applications. They will stop being purely at the receiving end of data streams and become conduits, mustering bits from objects and infusing them into other objects.

How will all of this impact the design of mobile experiences? Are we moving towards a world of seamless transactions or rather towards a permission-based reality, plagued by constant confirm and cancel requests? What business scenarios will be driven by these innovations?

Fabio Sergio provides an overview on how embodied interaction and near field communication will soon be mainstream terms and why.

MEX: Building a new navigation experience

Many cellular operators are already offering location-based services. Most of these use cellular triangulation techniques, while others are starting to utilise assisted GPS (A-GPS) to further increase accuracy.

It also raises an interesting point about the nature of how wireless users interact with the environment around them. By gathering information from cellular and Wi-Fi base stations, Navizon hints at the possibilities for expanding wireless interactions beyond personal communications and into a future where inanimate objects are part of the wireless network.

Gathering location data from these objects may only be the beginning. Why shouldn't every object be capable of broadcasting information about its function, using either cellular or near-field technology?

The recent MEX articles about 4G have prompted considerable debate, raising the question of whether simply increasing the speed of a wireless network really represents a generational change. There is an argument that the next real revolution in wireless will be the extension of communications capabilities beyond individuals and into the physical environment which surrounds us.


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