Hunter Series 811 Alignment System Now Supports Microvision Nomad

The Hunter Series 811 Alignment System Now Supports the Microvision Nomad® Expert Technician System

The Hunter Series 811 Alignment System can now support the Nomad® Expert Technician System as a wireless remote display and terminal to help speed the alignment process.

The Nomad System is a hands-free wearable computer with a head-worn, see-through display that can remotely control and view a software program running on a PC using Windows® XP Professional operating system and a wireless connection. When integrated with the Hunter 811 console, the Nomad System further enhances the timesaving capabilities of Hunter’s WinAlign® Alignment Software and DSP600 Digital Imaging Alignment Sensors.

With a simple hardware and software upgrade, the Hunter 811 console can act as a host to the Nomad System so technicians can operate all features of Hunter’s WinAlign Software and view all monitor display screens while working at the vehicle.

Using the Nomad System with the 811 benefits the technician by eliminating foot travel between the console and vehicle. This capability can be very convenient when using optional WinAlign Software features such as Digital Photo and Digital Video to help perform thorough pre-alignment inspections or diagnostic evaluations.

Having WinAlign Software capabilities at the technician’s fingertips streamlines the entire service process. The time saved equals increased profitability for the shop through faster service time and more alignments per day.

The Nomad Expert Technician System is available through Microvision, Inc. by calling 1-866-662-3797 or visiting Microvision’s website

Headquartered in Bothell, WA, Microvision, Inc. is the world leader in the development of scanned beam displays and imaging products. The company's technology has applications in a broad range of military, medical, industrial, professional and consumer information products.

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