Pull the Lever

Changing the world is not easy. But it happens anyway.

Cell phone companies need us to achieve their strategic objectives. Gaming companies need us to differentiate their capabilities. Car makers need us to make their vehicles safer and more attractive to consumers. The Army needs us so they can always know friend from foe.

Large retail stores need us to keep track of inventory in real-time. Auto, truck, airplane, heavy equipment technicians need us to keep their hands free working on vehicles. Surgeons need us to see vital statistics while they perform the most delicate procedures. Semiconductor fabricators need us to gauge success of their processes as they're ongoing.

What will have to happen to achieve critical mass? Here's a comment that someone posted a couple weeks back that I'd like to pull out and think on for a little bit:

Perhaps the company needs to release a software developer guide for the NOMAD display.

The display is a tool, it's useless if the software is not designed to work with the tool.

Certainly, the display can be used for any application, but most applications' user interfaces do not support keyless entry.

A new breed of applications need to be designed specifically for using just the mouse to input entry, and navigate the information in the fatest fashion.

The product is here, but we just need more people to take advantage of the tool to make it popular.

Software is the key to the success for this display.

I wish I could purchase the NOMAD at a discount price. I am a software developer and can see developing new applications with this display that would benefit many areas of my company.

It's all about the software. It's always about the user experience and what somebody can do that's new and unique and has value to whatever business problem they're having. This guy said it and it is true: Software is the key to the success for this display.

Keyless entry and navigation, voice recognition and activation. Could very well be that this is the missing link that separates Nomad from mega-volume sales. A subtle tweak to the current configurations could open up new opportunities that are, shall we say, not priced into the stock at these levels.

To the person who submitted this comment, I would love to know more about the types of applications you would design and what areas of your company they would benefit.