Stock Insight Likes MVIS

Stock Spotlight - MVIS

Here's another blogger who likes MVIS at these levels. He's got some rudimentary technical analysis going on why these are good prices. Actually, I just like MVIS generally speaking and continue to think that in 5, 10, 20 years this technology will be embedded into products that are sold in the hundreds of millions and enable new capabilities for people on a global scale that not many folks are thinking about now. But that's just me, I'm kind of funny that way.

A pervasive 'metadata layer' of augmented reality information is barely the surface of the kind of transformations that I'm looking to be catalyzed by MVIS. So it's exciting, and it's interesting. There are a lot of things going right, right now. Macro forces that are responsible for determining the future of consumer electronics are converging on a mandate for device portability and full desktop functionality.

The 2" LCD screen is not long for this world.