MIT, Nokia create research center

MIT, Nokia create research center

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Nokia Corp. have created a new research facility to advance mobile computing and communications technologies. The center will be near MIT's Cambridge, Mass., campus.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK - News) is establishing the Nokia Research Center Cambridge with MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. MIT and Nokia will each supply about 20 researchers to the lab. They will be overseen by a joint steering committee. Nokia Research Center's James Hicks will be director and an MIT professor, who goes by the name Arvind, will be program manager.

The center's research will focus on small handheld devices becoming part of an "ecosystem" of devices people will use. The work will be in incorporating speech interfaces, new computing platforms and new software architecture.

The research center will be in Kendall Square and five initial projects have been planned.

MIT and Nokia have worked together before. Nokia was a founding partner in MIT's Oxygen Alliance, a research project involving 150 researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Life Laboratory working on a new breed of computers.