Run-on Thought of the Day

What happens when you bring in an executive from GE who has a history of successfully generating massive sales growth from new high technology products to lead a company that has an incredible technology platform that can both display and capture images and do so with unsurpassed image quality in form factors that no other company can even come close to?

Hmm? What's that?

The answer is, new markets are found. New products are created. New methodologies are adopted. Processes improve. Sales improve. Cost of product is reduced. Strategies with a realistic chance for success are implemented. Execution is expected. Things start to click. The pieces fall into place. There is cohesion and synergy. The pace quickens. The cycle repeats. The platform is introduced to new markets. The productivity benefits are palpable. Microvision displays and image capture products start to earn a reputation for solving customers' problems and become depended upon by millions of workers in a variety of jobs.

The platform is real. Now we'll see what it's real economic value can become.