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Million-Plus Volume Days in MVIS History

I'm still on holiday break but I couldn't help but notice the huge volume today. Looking at the max chart I was surprised that today was only the fifth time in the company's history that over 1 million shares were traded on a given day, and today's volume of 1,254,085 shares stands as the second highest day of MVIS share trading volume ever.

12/30/2005: 1,254,085 shares Open $3.18/Close $3.60
06/25/2004: 1,019,100 shares Open $8.51/Close $8.55 (MVIS added to Russell Small cap index -- large majority of shares traded after market closed)
10/31/2003: 1,187,200 shares Open $6.50/Close $7.00
06/12/2000: 1,765,800 shares Open $32.40/Close $38.50
08/26/1997: 1,036,200 shares Open $13.00/Close $12.13

Probably only of interest to total MVIS geeks...but then, you're reading this, so there you have it. I'd be pretty happy for another $6 up day like in June 2000. They say history repeats itself...

Have a great New Year everybody! At least we have a nice solid up day to close out the year and get us geared up for 2006. See you on the other side.


  1. A harbinger of 2006. Wider investor interest and exposure, large buying pressure and short covering, accelleration of stock price appreciation and company successes. The train is leaving the station. All Aboard!


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