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A Heads Up Look at the Microvision

I just read that article regarding the Nomad system for private pilots. Let me tell you – as soon as the price point comes down a bit and some next generation refinements are made, these should be literally flying off the shelves (pun intended).

I agree with your recent blog post, why doesn’t everyone get what is transpiring here? Jordy’s visor is becoming a reality right in front of everyone’s face (pun intended), and yet the stock languishes. Virtual battlefield surgical assistance? Excuse me? Did that Corpsman just perform in-field surgery under the guidance of a qualified surgeon 50 miles away? What’s next? Firefighters rescuing people in zero visibility smoke-filled buildings -- using virtual floor plans and pre-positioned corridor/door waypoint/location designators? Come on . . . let’s get serious!

There is going to be an endless stream of new and evolving information technologies, and the one common thread that ties it all together are new and innovative ways to publish data to the brain. There can be no mistake. This is where the future is – Period!

-- M.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for writing!