I've received a lot of email over the past couple of weeks. I'd like to say thanks to everybody for taking the time to get in touch, for your ideas for articles and topics to cover, and for sharing your personal stories and insights with me.

How to value an unprofitable technology company is a totally subjective thing. 'The market' says that the entire value of Microvision is just south of $67M. Anyone who has actually tried on one of these displays and experienced Microvision's awesome technology first hand will tell you that that's pretty much insane.

I saw this article about mutual funds today and it caught my attention:

How to Be a Buy and Hold Investor
Being patient and sticking to your plan is pretty difficult emotionally. I think the main reason is that we can't control our investments' returns, so trading them makes us feel like we're doing something and are really in control. In fact, making a lot of trades is a sign that you're letting the markets drag you around by the ear, but it feels better than sitting on your hands.
Holding on to a stock that's underwater can be a really emotional thing. For me, the difficulty of going underwater on the stock is mitigated by a couple of things:

1. I have an unshakeable faith in the fundamental value of the company's intellectual property, which describe in totality the methods and processes to display digital images directly onto the human visual system, without a screen. There's nothing else like this on earth. This has value. Big time. I just think the market does not understand how to put a value on intellectual property for some reason.

2. I believe that the company's new management has the vision, determination, and experience required to build this company into a real player in the global technology scene.

3. I believe that every day above ground is a good day. The world of things and money is transitory. The things that are real and lasting are our love for our family and friends, our creative output and positive energy. There's no sense in getting all upset about things you can't control. Just take the world as it is and move forward with optimism.

4. I own enough of this stock that every morning I wake up with the feeling that today could be the day. Today could be the day that the psychology about Microvision could turn from fear of the future to embracing the extraordinary opportunities that the company's technology makes possible. Today could be the day that the killer contract for the MicroHUD or the PicoP comes through, changing the way the world views the company forever, and setting all of us up for a truly exciting multi-year ride (and think of the traffic on the blog...!). Today could be the day that some awesome new board member joins the company. Or maybe something could happen with Nomad, or the Laser Printer, or military orders or something. You just never know.

The will of the world that's about to be is stronger than anything. I believe that MVIS is a part of that world and will play a key role in the technology industry of the rest of this decade and beyond -- starting with that first OEM contract...

Stay tuned for full MVIS Blog coverage of Thursday's conference call. That usually means a transcript and some kind of analysis on what it all means. Thanks to everybody's feedback about the podcast idea. I'll see if I can figure how to put one together after the call. I have a feeling there will be a lot to talk about (and yes, I'll put on some of my guitar playing on there too...)

Hang in there, folks. The story is not over yet, by a longshot. We are just getting going.

New leadership, new focus, new identity, new company.