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Nomads Required to support PM-LTV Logistics Operations in Southwest Asia

49 -- The Nomad Expert Technician system; 10 each

Notice Date

See note 22 A requirement exists from the Program Manager for Light Tactical Vehicles, LTC Peterson, to purchase a limited number of Nomad Expert Technician Systems to eventually support PM-LTV logistics operations deployed in Southwest Asia (SWA). The limited number of 10 each will be used CONUS and OCONUS in the Area of Responsibility. It is proposed to procure 10 each Nomad Expert Technical Systems, ND2100RBG-1, from Microvision, Inc., 19910 North Creek Parkway, Bothell, Washington 98011 to include the Mandatory Accessories and Services package (ND2000-71 and ND2000-94). The Nomad Expert Technician system will support HMMWV logistics by providing technicians and mechanics with the capability to access maintenance and supply information while at their point of task. The Nomad Expert Technician System (ND2100RBG-1) is the worlds only wireless wearable computer with a see-through head-worn display. Unique ND2100RBG-1 features differentiate Nomad from all other products in the marketplace. It is daylight and night readable so that technicians can view data at their point of task regardless of ambient field environment lighting. The Nomad System can only be obtained from Microvision, Inc. Microvision is the only known source that offers such technology. [Editor's Note: That's why we're here...!] There are currently no known substitutes available for the Nomad Expert Technician System. For subcontracting opportunities, please call Gary Peterson at (425) 415-6899 or go to the www.microvision.com.
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