DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep


Hey folks! I just wanted to take a second to say thanks to everybody who's written in over the last couple of weeks. A bunch of people even asked how I was doing considering the drop in the stock price.

It's a weird feeling of sort of cognitive dissonance. You listen to the conference call, and it's laid out plain as day, that we're "in good position to have good announcements in 3rd quarter this year, to kickoff at least the first major [HUD and PicoP] efforts."

You think, wow. This is awesome. We're in good position to have commercialization agreements (within the next few weeks!) with big time OEMs to build HUD and PicoP and bring these cool new products into the world, to be bought by millions of people. Our technology platform is finally going to be commercialized by big time, big money partners with marketing muscle and strong track records of new technology product introductions.

You think, this is what I wanted all along. A focus on building out a few killer applications and putting all the horsepower we can muster to bear on bringing them to market as quickly as we can, by partnering with world-class OEMs.

We are going to become the 'visualization core' of products to be built in units measured in millions.

This, to me, is really exciting. So, on the heels of this news, the stock has been taken down another 30% over the last three weeks!

One of the things that I've been trying to work on is not to allow external events that I cannot control to have power over my state of mind, my emotional well-being. So, looking at the stock price, I just kind of shake my head and think, 'this too shall pass.'

I believe that Microvision is creating an amazing technology platform and intellectual property portfolio that will change the future of personal technology. I believe that future is rapidly coming into focus and will be defined by technologies that Microvision can uniquely enable:

* Virtual and augmented reality
* Immersive internet experiences, beyond the web page
* Mobile multimedia services and next-generation location-based services
* Greater visual realism in 3D gaming
* Powerful advances in social networks, messaging and user-generated internet content

There must be continuation of the relentless momentum of change and growth in personal technology. The accelerating rate of change has taken on a life of its own. I believe that MVIS investors own the rights to the key enabling technology and intellectual property that allows these hugely powerful macro trends to take their inevitable next steps forward.

And I believe that Microvision has worked hard to build a sustainable revenue funnel of product development opportunities with world leading OEMs to bring the first products based on IPM to market. If Microvision meets their goals, this will become apparent to MVIS shareholders and the world-at-large over the next few weeks.

So, that's a long-winded way of saying, I'm doing great. I've never been more excited to be a Microvision shareholder and I believe that in the next few weeks we will see the first conversion of Microvision's truly extraordinary market opportunities into real-life design wins for real-life products.

Thanks to everybody for reading MVIS Blog, and for your thoughtful input over the last few weeks. MVIS Blog experienced record traffic during the month of August, over 7,000 visits and 11,000 page views, which I thought was interesting, considering I haven't been able to generate as much content as usual this month.

Anyway, thanks again and take care everybody!