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Exciting News

Hey everyone,

Last week I was promoted to Product Manager, Color Eyewear. I'll be leading cross-functional teams to bring Color Eyewear to market, ensuring synergy between our government wearable display programs and our commercial display platforms, and working to lay the groundwork for successful launches of Color Eyewear across a variety of targeted markets.

I'm thankful for this opportunity and want each of you to know that I will work diligently to ensure that Microvision leverages our rapidly developing and unique wearable display platform into many exciting high-volume opportunities.

We believe that the combination of our Integrated Photonics Module with our proprietary ultra-thin optical designs will yield breakthrough eyewear displays that will allow us to address multiple large and growing market segments. We expect to provide inexpensive, high-performance Color Eyewear that makes a real difference in people's lives and enhances the value and usability of digital services across a variety of industries.

Stay tuned...!


  1. "We expect to provide inexpensive, high-performance Color Eyewear that makes a real difference in people's lives and enhances the value and usability of digital services across a variety of industries."

    WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN??????? 18 months???? When can I possibly hear somethin significant about sales? When is MVIS finally going to SELL SOMETHING? We've been waiting far too long.

  2. Ben
    I am so pleased with this great news.
    The right person for the most significant product line.

    Keep it going

    Dan Golan

  3. To the first comment, I understand the frustration. The schedule will be driven by a combination of factors including our own technology development progress, and the speed at which we're able to come to agreements with prospective commercialization partners -- and thereafter we'll be driven by these customers' timelines.

    A milestone to be on the lookout for -- we intend to display our next-generation IPM design at CES in Las Vegas in January. With this new ultra-thin IPM, in concert with the new lightweight optical design that we're developing, we think we should have a pretty compelling product to meet a significant unmet need in the market.

    We're working hard to bring products to market as quickly as possible, but it can't be just any product. It has to be the right product at the right price point with the right features and the right go-to-market partners.

    We are making steady and continuous progress and I expect us to continue to gain momentum towards commercializing our HUD, PicoP and Eyewear product lines in the coming year.

  4. Great news.

    Can you give specs like:
    Number of pixels?
    Field of vision?
    Price range?

    Will this product be so good that it puts companies like I-Glasses and Emagin out of business? Will it be better then the current high priced VR headsets?

  5. All great questions! Tell me about what you envision would be a great eyewear product for an unmet market need...I'm listening!

  6. As someone who's been on the edge on investing in MVIS for quite some time, I'm also interested to know just how good the core technology is, as in does it blow everything else out of the water? Living in Europe, I obviously haven't been able to see any prototypes for myself.

    There must be a big difference between what Microvision and companies like eMagin are doing. They're basically just using tiny LCD screens, right? The question is, will Microvision's Color Eyewear provide a viewing experience comparable to or even transcending television? The resolution would have to be HD, not to forget great contrast and field of vision.

    I'd just like to have some kind of an idea of where Color Eyewear in its present form stands, qualitatively, when compared to other ways of getting information into the human visual cortex. Also, what can we expect in the future, say the next five years?

  7. I'm not sure what to tell you what would make a great product; I don't know everything your technology is capable of. I do believe that if you want to be successfull in selling consumer-level Eyewear you will need to be able to rival the PC monitor in both image quality and cost. Gamers will want a headset that completely covers the eyes and has immersive headphones. Basically, don't make a headset like the Icuiti.

    I'm glad to see that Microvision is refraining from false promises and media hype. Please continue developing a great product, then when it is done send it to the top tech reviewers and let it speak for itself.

  8. Great news Ben! You're definitely the right guy for the job. From your posts over the last couple of years, its clear that you have a vision and the passion that will have a huge impact on the project.

    I'm glad Microvision is serious about developing the personal color eyewear. PicoP and HUD are great but the personal color eyewear will be Microvision's Excalibur. Personal color eyewear will transform society. I want to see a product that will interface with many types of devices: cell phones, PDAs, pocket PCs, portable DVD players, and game consoles. This is the device that you can take anywhere, use in either see-thru or full immersion modes. Integrated ear-buds would be nice but not necessary since the best effect for sound would come from high quality noise cancelling head phones.

    Looking forward to CES and the various products that may be embedded with the IPM.

  9. thanks for this great comment and ideas...and I quite like the 'Excalibur' name!

  10. Thanks Ben for all the updates & the new blog site. It’s easier to use.

    The integrated ear-buds in the personal eye-wear is a must. You may want to take a look at a high end professional speaker company called SLS Audio. They make a ribbon-driver speaker that uses less space, less power & has 40% less distortion than any other speaker system . What I’ve read is that Quincy Jones calls the quality of sound the best breakthrough since stereo & he uses them in his studios, so does Sony. They were working on a Bluetooth type of piece. I’ll bet thy have something small (micro) enough for eye-wear.

    Once again I appreciate your dedication to Microvision and keeping the rest of us updated.


  11. Ben,
    Congratulations. My wife and I spoke with you at the ASM, and enjoyed our time speaking with you. Your first act in this new position must be to remove the picture on the company website under Wearable displays. The whole thing takes away from the credibility of Microvision. The form factor looks dumb and the guy himself makes me think of a teenager amped out on RED-BULL. Anything would be better than that picure! I really believe it leaves a bad impression to anyone curious enough to go to Thanks

  12. Thanks for your note. I totally agree that the 'gaming guy' picture has to go.

  13. Integrated ear-buds and mic would be cool. Another thing I think would be very useful if a small built-in camera, for augmented reality applications. A built-in camera would probably work best if it transmitted the video to a computer since the computer vision algorithms would probably be a bit too heavy for embedded hardware.


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