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2006 Year in Review...

I've been thinking over the last few days about writing a MVIS 2006 'Year in Review' blog post. I pretty quickly realized that it would be probably take a book rather than a blog post to do justice to the amazing transformation of the company that has taken place over the last 12 months. But, I can sure put things in a nutshell, as far as I see it at least.

We have a:

New Board of Directors
New Management Team
New Business Strategy
New IPM Platform Technology
New World-Leading Development & Manufacturing Partners
New Miniature Green Laser Initiative
New Color Eyewear Initiative
New Tier 1 Automotive HUD Partner
New Helmet Mounted Display Contract
New World’s Smallest Full-Color Laser Projector
New $35M Funding
New Analyst Coverage
New Redmond, WA Headquarters

Not to mention a new Product Manager for Color Eyewear. I've been an employee of the company for about three months now, and it's been a pretty amazing experience. After having watched so closely from the outside for so long, and trying my best to influence things to whatever degree I could, it's very exciting and gratifying to be able to get out of bed in the morning and come in here and focus my energy to push this thing forward.

Having been in touch with so many of our shareholders over the time I've been writing this blog, and being a shareholder myself, I always think about the activities we’re undertaking in the context of the value they will create for shareholders. But beyond the monetary value we hope to create, there is a sense of mission and purpose here – we realize that the technology and products that are being developed here have the potential to change the world in a fundamental way. Our projectors for mobile phones are intended to inspire and delight people, and allow personal mobile content that's currently constrained to a small screen to be projected as big as life, anywhere. Our work on automotive head-up displays is targeting improved driver safety and awareness that should ultimately save lives. Our efforts to provide see-through helmet mounted displays to our men and women in harm’s way are designed to improve their safety and effectiveness in the harshest and most dangerous conditions. Not least, we’re excited about the progress we’re making on Color Eyewear displays, and intend to deliver personal visual experiences that are unique and compelling, and elevate the usability and potential of mobile devices beyond what’s possible with traditional display technology.

We know we have something really special here in this company. What's important to realize is that the fundamental building blocks that are required for this company to be successful, including the new management, new board, new strategy and new technology platform, have been put in place during 2006. That part of the rebuilding effort is in the rear view mirror now. 2007 and beyond will be dedicated to executing the business strategy that was defined early this year and enabled through the building blocks highlighted above. We’re totally focused on bringing our IPM platform technology to market, inside exciting new OEM products that meet significant unmet market needs. We believe that digital information and personal media should be pervasive, portable and uncompromised. We think the rest of the world is coming around to our way of thinking – and we are excited about the role we can play to bring valuable new applications and compelling new experiences into being.

Thanks for being my wingmen on this awesome journey. I’m really indebted to you all for your contributions for story ideas, your comments and your ongoing encouragement and readership. Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting 2007. We expect to put the accelerator to the floor...!


  1. Hi Ben,

    Excellent post and summary! Very informative.

    I was just wondering if you had heard anything about MVIS and RIMM as partners?


    And by the way, your blog is really great! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Ben,
    Great job on the blog, appreciate all that you are doing. My question is if MVIS is still working on a retinal scanning display. I know it is the same technology, but in a previous post, you commented that the eyeglass form factor that you are working on will scan it onto the glasses. The MVIS website does not show the camera display which was of the retinal scan variety. Please give us an update on how and if MVIS is planning on using the IPM in retinal scanning applications.

    I have been in MVIS for a very long time and I am really looking forward to 2007 finally being the breakout year.

  3. thanks for writing, answer is: YES

  4. I'm buying more shares next month. Thanks for the summary.

  5. Hi Ben,

    Sorry. I was not very clear in my question to you.

    Basically, flat out, is RIMM going to be acquiring MVIS? Is MVIS for sale? Have you heard anything on your end? I do occasional posting for MVIS, and I do not want to "report" a false rumor.

    Thank you for any info on that.

  6. Hi Ben, Just want to wish you, your loved ones, and all the employees at Microvision, a very Merry Christmas and Holiday season, and may you all experience the peace, happiness, and love that The Season represents, all year long! Thanks for your hard work and this great blog...

  7. thanks for this wonderful comment. all the best to you as well!

    TG, obviously I can't comment on stuff like that.

    thx for your understanding.

  8. I was hopeing that didn't sound too corney! But I meant every word! Thank you Ben, I will have a terrific Holiday! Jazzz

  9. And hopefully this link works, but a few others wanted to say thanks..
    And in case it doesn't, you'll find it under Yahoo finance, MVIS message board, under "To Ben our MVIS blogger". Merry Christmas!

  10. you guys are the best! I appreciate it a lot.

  11. Good job Ben.

    It looks like MVIS has a new buyer. I hear the quiet analyst meeting went well. Knott is still very enthusiastic about MVIS. Crazy price targets. I'll be happy with 10.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. thanks Broker A! love your site, btw.

  13. Ben--

    Glad to see you are a reader.

    Hopefully, AT doesn't read it. Too salty for classy men like him:)

    I hope you guys will be taking footage of the CES presentation, so that you can create a buzz.

  14. Will the microprojector expected to be installed on handsets reduce battery life?

    It's my understanding that battery technology has been slow to evolve to accomodate all the new features being packed on handsets.

    Are you aware of new promising technology (other than that offered by MDTL) that will extend battery life.

  15. Ben, this is a great overview of things the company has accomplished, and thank you. But can you tell us what this picture (above) is all about? It's beautiful and interesting...thanks, Jazzz

  16. Gee Ben,
    As one of those caught up in The Great Holiday Restructuring (aka - the Thanksgiving Day masacre) I just want to say that I am pleased if the reclamation of the salaries of some 30 employees who were cut just the week before Thanksgiving helped in any small way to boost your holiday spirit.

  17. 1. To guy who posted Burger's commentary...thx! Very interesting and a big turnaround from his last comments on us.

    2. Re: Emerging battery technology...not yet informed enough on this but will evaluate.

    3. Re: the picture, thx for your comment: it's the Northern Lights!

    4. Re: this most recent comment:

    As I'm sure you know, I'm not involved with those types of decisions.

  18. nice article by Burger. Right up to the point he said "use only your "fun" money for this one". Not a confidence building statement for me.

  19. If you are talking finacial risk any new tech is considered high risk. When microsoft was started most people said they would lose all their money! But if you did your homework you know what is being built by six sigma management will not only work, but at the right cost and performance.
    Do you think Knott was only using fun money?

  20. Could this plastic chip (from Plastic Logic) be useful in the picoP?


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