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The Economic Times: Mobile Projector

The Economic Times: Mobile Projector

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2006 01:15:02 AM

Here's one nifty addition to your cell phone that will make watching video-clips and pictures a much better experience. It's a mini projector embedded in the cellphone which will allow you to project an image taken on a mobile phone on a wall or board just half a metre away.

The projected image will be the size of a laptop screen. This smart projector, called PicoP has been developed by US-based Microvision. It significantly overcomes the limitations of a small display on the mobile phone. The embedded projector will be great for watching TV on mobile (that should be available in India when 3G services start).

Cellphone-makers like Nokia are looking at integration of such projectors into their phones. The system, composed of semiconductor lasers and a tiny mirror, will be small enough to integrate into a mobile phone or an iPod.

The projector developed by Microvision comprises two main parts: a set of red, blue, and green lasers and a mirror -- one millimetre across -- that tilts on two axes. The lasers shine on the mirror, and the mirror reflects the pixel of light on to a wall or other surface.

The intensities of the lasers change to produce different colours. When all three are pumping out light full blast, the pixel is white. When all three are off, the pixel is black. Other colours are produced from various combinations in between.

Perhaps the only downside is that a phone in 'projector' mode will use about 50% more power than a phone in 'call' mode. The company plans to show the mini projector phone prototype next year. When it is available in the market, do keep a charger handy at all times!


  1. Is the "company" mentioned in the last paragraph Microvision or Nokia?

  2. Power consumption for the device would not be a significant issue if it was connected to a microfuel cell.


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