PocketPCMag: A Video Projector for your Smartphone?

PocketPCMag: A Video Projector for your Smartphone?

Tonight was a "Press only" preview event before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. There were a number of products that I think will be of interest to Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine readers, and I will write more about them here. But one stands out as being being the most innovative. It's a tiny color video projector that can fit in a Pocket PC or Smartphone. While it's not available yet, the company did demo it for us and it was nothing short of amazing.

The device uses three lazers - one for each of the primary colors - to project the image. Because it uses lazers, there's no "focal length". That means that you can project the image as close as you want, or as far as the lazers will reach while still having enough brightness to be useful. (It appeared to me, that in practice that would be no more than for other projector technologies. But rather than a box that is bigger than a typical laptop, this projector can fit in your mobile phone!

I can imagine this being used for PowerPoint presentations using a Pocket PC, or playing video on a wall of a room instead of a 2 or 3 inch screen of a cell phone.

I talked briefly with Matt Nichols of Microvision and he indicated that in addition to the projector being integrated into new portable devices, we might see them as peripherals that connect to devices via a CompactFlash or SDIO slot.


  1. sharkz with friggin lazer beamz attached to their headz eh

  2. Ben
    I am worried about the competition
    What can you tell us about
    Motorola Inc.'s (MOT) Symbol Technologies and Israeli company Explay Ltd.


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