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4/29 Update: Thanks for voting! Check out the NEW poll, and pick your favorite MVIS product platform!

I put a little online poll thing on the right hand side of the page. Please vote! Make your vote heard. I could only think of three main categories to answer the question, 'What's Your Interest in Microvision'?: Personal Investment, Technology Interest, Business Interest.

There are probably other good categories, too. Business interest and technology interest are pretty well interwoven, but it's my first time doing a poll, so don't expect perfection yet ;-).

What would other good categories be? What would other good questions be to learn about the audience here?


  1. Well, I have all three interests. I'm certainly invested up the wazoo, but have product/business ideas too.

    Of course, I cant work on the business ideas, until the investment pays off. :)


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