DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

Traveling today

Stuck in dfw airport for a while...lightning storm has grounded everyone. Haven't been able to hear the cc yet, but reviews I've read have been enthusiastic. Hope you guys are doing great and thx for your notes about yesterday's eyewear news. Looks like I'll be here at dfw for a while. Not bad as airports go...!


  1. Ben,

    Good conference call. I am very interested in reading other people's opinions. Can you share some links?


  2. Is anyone able to post a transcript of the Q&A?

  3. Hi Ben,

    As an investor in MVIS I have listened to your last couple conference calls. You are all doing a great job over there, and I love your managements sincere efforts to answer every question they possibly can. Just about every question I had was answered on the call save one:

    In a previous call I heard Mr. Tokman say they are hoping to have a version of a PicoP embedded cell phone in consumer hands by early 2008 for end customer input and evaluation. Could you give any color on how you expect to accomplish this, if not here then on a future CC?

    Is it going to be by utilizing just a few hand-made prototypes, or are you hoping to have a limited type of production run for several hundred phones to see how customers respond?

    Thank you for any clarity you can provide.

  4. thanks for your comment and question. your best bet is to address that to


  5. i did a few hours ago Ben,

    No answer yet.

    we shall see if they respond.


  6. You can thank me later... preferably by allowing me to be a beta tester of all Microvision consumer products.

    The MVIS CC transcript...


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