DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep

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Have you ever heard of Reactrix Corp.? Reactrix uses motion sensing cameras to let people manipulate digital images on floors, walls & tablestops (eg "Minority Report"). Microsoft has just unveiled a similar technology aptly called "Surface". However, both use cameras and projectors which are extremely bulky. Do you see Microvision playing a role in the advancement of this emerging technology?

Steve, great question. Just looking at Reactrix now for the first time...pretty cool! I became aware of 'The Surface' from Microsoft about two weeks ago. It reminds me a lot of the 'multi-touch interaction' stuff by ultra-genius Jeff Han I blogged about a while back. It's pretty sweet. Also, it would seem to me that the effort from Microsoft would bode well for projectors in general. Whether having the world's smallest and thinnest full color projector (i.e., PicoP) would add value to Microsoft's product, I don't know yet. (One of the interesting things about our MEMS-based light scanning technology is that it can be used to both display and capture images.) It is obvious though that more intuitive and engaging interfaces are what's going to be required to continue to drive growth in computer products.


  1. Ben,

    If you want to see a Reactrix display, go to Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, WA. I think you will be simply amazed. I get the feeling that this has the potential to be much more than just a cool novelty. When this technology becomes cost effective it has the potential to take advertising to a whole new level. Interactive displays/advertisements are the future.

  2. I just had some fun with one of those displays at the bridge cinema delux in los angeles, Ben, go, go, go, revenue products to market. BTW, you have an appropriate enough job with the right appropriate ideas that you should have an opportunity to talk to Bill Gates. Get him on board, invite him to lunch. He has got to love the pico and image capture technologies. Call him, or have the boss man call.
    collaborate, get to market first with something, high ground always has the favor. KTIM.

  3. I dunno... Microsoft is really big on exclusivity deals. If Microvision cut a deal with Microsoft, then the color eyewear would only work on smartphones running whatever the latest embedded version of windows is. That's pretty limiting.

  4. Keeping in mind the exclusion concerns, I'd consider it profitable as well to get into an arrangement with Apple and something like their IPOD product line.
    Jobs has a proven track record of profiting from digital content reselling and innovative hardware. Not only does MVIS need hardware to put the product into, but content to exploit on that hardware. In terms of mass appeal, I'd think Apple opens both those doors.



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