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Oerlikon Announces Collaboration with Microvision to Bring Tiny Pico Projector to Market

Oerlikon Announces Collaboration with Microvision to Bring Tiny Pico Projector to Market

Collaboration Targets Development of a Design for High-Volume Manufacturing of Microvision's PicoP(TM) Projector for Automotive and Consumer Applications

GOLDEN, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oerlikon Optics, a global leader in optical component solutions, announced today that it has been collaborating with Microvision (NASDAQ:MVIS - News), a world leader in laser scanning-based display and imaging products, on the optimization of Microvision's ultra-miniature projection display engine, called PicoP(TM).

This effort focuses on leveraging Oerlikon's experience in high-volume design to create a compact, manufacturable and affordable PicoP(TM) product for Microvision's customers. Ultimately, it is expected that PicoP(TM) will be incorporated into a variety of applications and products in the automotive and consumer space.

Uwe Kruger, CEO of Oerlikon, stated that the joint development agreement with Microvision is a significant strategic addition to the business unit's own technologies and products: "Microvision's PicoP(TM) design represents the future direction of ultra-miniature mobile projection systems. It also is expected to open up new markets such as innovative vehicle displays and wearable displays with life-like 3D applications".

"Working with Microvision makes perfect sense for our Optics business since the technology is highly complimentary to our present product portfolio and can be applied across the entire range of micro display and scanning devices," added Mike Cusick, Head of Business Unit Optics.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Oerlikon, a recognized leader in the photonics industry and one of the world's leading micro-display component manufacturers," said Alexander Tokman, President and CEO of Microvision. "Oerlikon's expertise and business focus in optical components development and manufacturing should position us well to accelerate the commercialization roadmap of Microvision's PicoP-based products with the right levels of performance, quality and cost for high-volume consumer and automotive applications."

About PicoP(TM)

The PicoP(TM) is an ultra-miniature projector capable of producing color rich, high resolution, large images, but small and low-power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices, such as cell phones. Other potential display applications based on the PicoP(TM) are numerous and include tiny projectors embedded into or used as accessory displays for mobile devices such as personal media players, gaming devices, laptops, and DVD players.

About Microvision www.microvision.com

Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., Microvision Inc. designs a display technology platform to enable next generation display and imaging products for pico projectors, vehicle displays, and wearable displays that interface to mobile devices. The company also manufactures and sells its bar code scanner product line which features the company's proprietary MEMS technology.

Please visit us: The Microvision / Oerlikon Optics enabled Pico Projector will be presented during InfoComm 2007, Anaheim, California. Booth: Oerlikon Optics; Hall D, Booth Number: 1319. For more information, visit following link:



Oerlikon Laser Module (OLM(TM)) for embedded and accessory applications

For more information, visit our home page at: www.oerlikon.com/optics

Oerlikon Optics - Partner for innovative optical solutions

Oerlikon Optics is offering solutions in customized thin-film components, laser projection light sources, high-precision systems for laser material processing, and integrated photonics systems. Together with these core competencies, worldwide production facilities and a global sales network, Optics is the recognized technical leader in the photonics industry. Oerlikon Optics is a business unit forming part of the Oerlikon Group (SWX:OERL - News) which is headquartered in Pfaffikon/SZ, Switzerland. As a company with Swiss roots and a 100-year tradition, Oerlikon, with CHF 4.8 billion sales in 2007, over 19,000 employees at 170 locations in 35 countries, has evolved into a global player today.

MULTIMEDIA AVAILABLE: http://www.businesswire.com/cgi-bin/mmg.cgi?eid=5428141


  1. Isn't Oerlikon just a small time player?

  2. Oerlikon has invested in Novalux last year. This was stated in the 2006 Annual report. Also is in the press release from the Oerlikon's web site.

  3. How is Oerlikon pronounced?

  4. Ben - It's interesting that Oerlikon invested in Novalux (which has produced a green laser) yet PicoP with the OSRAM green laser is being presented in the Oerlikon booth during this week's InfoComm 2007. For Oerlikon, that seems like a conflict of interest in a way. Does such an arrangement reflect in any way on concessions companies may be making in order to be able to partner with Microvision? Thanks for any insight you can share.

  5. anonymous 2:15:

    ER-LICK-ON is how I say it, anyway!

    anonymous 5:11:

    PicoP is being developed as a display platform that can integrate green lasers from multiple suppliers, including Corning, Novalux and OSRAM. Both Microvision and Oerlikon as a design and manufacturing partner are expected to benefit from the availability of green lasers from all companies producing miniature, low power green lasers for PicoP.

  6. Ben,

    We appreciate the info you share and the fact that you take time to respond to inquires where you can.

    Hope something regarding Wearable Displays will shake loose soon. Seems like the possibilities are boundless.

    anonymous 5:11


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