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Wearable Displays Open Thread

Microvision: Wearable Displays

Let's talk about wearable displays! Hit me with your thoughts.


  1. When will consumers expect to be able to buy a HUD?

  2. Hey Ben,

    Am I correct in assuming that the prototype and/or final product can do immersive 3D by projecting a different image for each eye?

  3. Does each green laser supplier target a specific area of market with their laser?

  4. Hi Ben,

    I'm really excited about the possibilities a colour eyewear platform can offer, as we all are. A few random thoughts....

    1.The biggest hurdle to overcome once this product hits the shelves (as I'm sure it will :-)), is convincing the consumer that staring into a laser is OK for extended periods of time. Even the most benign technologies seem to have their share of scare stories (well, in the UK at least we've had mobile phones = brain cancer etc etc...)

    2. The 3D applications are huge, not only for gaming but for Computer Aided Design and visualisation. As a UK architect who already uses sophisticated 3D modelling tools every day, I can see a time when I can build my design in a virtual environment that my clients can experience too.

    3. The timing for the release of the eyeware product has the potential to perfectly 'catch the wave' of interest in social networking (as Ben has said before) - see this recent BBC News link on 'buddy tracking' using GPS enabled phones

    All very exciting...keep up the great work Ben.

  5. Has MVIS ever considered bringing back the monocle, in an IPM enabled form?

    Would be unique, versatile and instantly recognizable.

    In fashion, what's old [even very old] is often new. And cool.


  6. Are there any pictures available that display what the MVIS color eyewear will look like? I've read that it will be "fashionable eyewear", but I don't believe I've seen any images of the potential designs.

  7. Most of today's techies are still below 50 years of age. - But think of the Blackberry generation: It exdends to upper management and already more than 50 years ...
    I just crossed the border line and am experiencing problems in reading my Windows mobile!
    For a lot of people around 50 money is not a problem...
    So just build the Blackberry/Windows Mobile display into a stylish eyewear!
    Provided future Windows Mobile devices this would satisfy another need: The manager could easily switch from email to Power Points and PDFs in full size!
    - Give me that!

  8. Does the image in the augmented view, 'occlude' the background?

    I mean, if I display a red box, with that box be 'solid' or translucent? So if someone is standing 'behind' it, can I still see them or does the laser 'override' the oncoming light.

    I would imagine that at lower intensities, the box would be translucent but at some intensity it would saturate the retina, so to speak and would overpower the background image.

    Does that make sense?

    And yes, I would like it to be able to, programatically.

  9. these are awesome comments and questions, you guys!

    to seth, yes you nailed it. the solidity or translucence is a function of the brightness of a given image.

    anon 2:15, great point on readability of mobile devices for older folks...

    to tigre, stay tuned...

    to simon t, good's expected (by me) that PicoP will establish the acceptability of laser displays for consumers...3D augmented and virtual reality and social networking are very powerful forces that will converge in exciting and unexpected ways and our eyewear will have a lot to do with that.

    to anon 8:01, green lasers from each provider all targeting the same market, which is PicoP integration...

    to anon 4:01, this is correct.

    to gavin, stay tuned...but I will say, the market for this product is not 'just' consumers...

  10. I think using wearable displays for augmented memory might be a good idea. When I talk to many new people I often forget who is who, names etc. Wearable display with mic and camera might help this problem, especially if it had voice recognition software for recognizing phrases such as "my name is".


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