DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep is NEW

Microvision: A World of Display and Imaging Opportunities

Here's an interview with your correspondent.

What do you guys think of the new site?


  1. Nice new page. If the pic of the mobile eyewear for consumers is accurate then I am impressed (though I am curious as to where the IPM is in that picture, since the frame appears much smaller than the size of an IPM).

    Also, the pictures of the eyewear interface appear to display icons and content that are much different from anything you see on a current mobile phone screen. Is this to say that mobile eyewear will display data that is meant only for the eyewear? If a person/buisiness wanted to display contextual/location based content to users whenever they were within a close proximity, how would they do this? Would it be up to the mobile device to enable this, would there be an API that developers could tap into (in order to create icons that would display in the eyewear), is there further development to do to enable that functionality, or is this something that is already available?

  2. Ben:
    Do you know of any research that is going on to replace the mouse in mobile computing? It is one of the other big drawbacks with mobile computing and although having a screen in front of you at all times will be nice, you will still have to fiddle with another device to interface with your computer. The three big potential interfaces as I see it (in order of ease of implementing) are:
    1) voice recognition systems - although getting better, they are stil not there. There will probable always be problems with this interface as it is not as flexible and has trouble operating in non-ideal environments.
    2) facial recognition software - if you have the screen in front of your eyes, why not have a camera that watches your eyes as well. if you could project where the user is looking at in the screen, then the eyes could be the mouse. clicks could be read through subtle eye squinting.
    3) neural interfaces - both invasive and noninvasive neural interfaces have shows significant progress in recent years. Companies like Cyberkinetics and NeuroSky are paving the way although future interfaces will have to be much more sensitive and compact.

    Has Microvision started looking at any of this yet? Yours thoughts would be appreciated.

  3. The new site looks nice and clean. One suggestion, the white space next to the logo seems out of place for me. Perhaps that there is a use for that space. It seems to be a wasted real estate.

  4. The site looks GREAT! But one small comment, in the eyewear section where it lists possible uses/needs, having the first one about paintball sounds stupid and throws off the whole list. That only identifies with a VERY small segment of the population, and for the rest makes the whole list just sound silly from that point.

    You can keep the paintball comment in, I'd just put it closer to the end of the list. Seriously.

    But beyond that the site as a whole and especially the eyewear part looks FANTASTIC!

  5. Anonymous 9:06, thanks for your feedback and good suggestion! We've updated the page.

    To Tigre, these images are renderings. The eyewear images will be visible only to the wearer, and not from the outside. The eyewear can serve up any content from a mobile device. I'm describing existing location based services just being served in a head-up modality to extend their usability and value.

    To Jonathan, we stay on top of all that stuff here...!

  6. Hi Ben,

    The new site looks good. I love the list of uses for Eyewear that you have put up. I have been looking for this kind of info on the Internet for YEARS, and now here it is. It's happening.

    I don't think you should underestimate the popularity of the 3-D aspect. A camera on each side of the glasses would be able to send 3-D pictures and video. It would be SO handy to be able to point to something - eg. in your car engine, and have someone see what you're pointing to and give you some, er, pointers, on how to deal with some problem.

    Also, 3D labels and objects could be put into any scene that someone is looking at. For instance, a new building might be proposed in a city, and people could see what the new building would look like from any angle before it is built, and perhaps vote on which design they like best.

    This is mind-expanding stuff! Wishing you all the best in your progress towards this vision.

  7. Mobile Eyewear Viewer
    Suggestions And Wishlist

    Zoom mag freature :combine Telecopic Microscopic
    Rear View :small cams at earbrigde to view rear
    esp useful for miltary but also a civilain self protection option
    2 OR More Screens as Direct input or Desktop
    Reactive Shading :based of intestity of light ,sensors

    Software based addons
    view and id objects
    3d route and gps locate available transit

    advanced add ons

    Internal Diagnostics and Montoring
    Screen with 3D Model of Self :external and internal
    zoom to location-body part/system
    part/system description status projections
    Total System Stats

    by Mbeti At


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