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Hey all, I’m off to Washington D.C. for the annual AUSA Conference and Exhibition. This is the Army’s largest event of the year, and many of the senior military officers, program office officials and leading military product OEMS will be in attendance.

Microvision will be demonstrating our current wearable display initiatives, and seeking support from the military for next generation wearable displays. Every major future soldier program defines wearable displays within their future needs; it's our goal to develop the wearable display of choice for these programs. And we believe we're well positioned: our combination of a small, lightweight form factor, high brightness, rich color, and clear see-through performance is unique in the industry.

I’m excited to be going to AUSA and to represent Microvision’s ongoing efforts to provide our cutting edge wearable display technology to the men and women in the U.S. military.

Much of the enthusiasm and drive we have for our efforts comes from the knowledge and experience we have gained from evaluation of our wearable display development initiatives. These development programs have been supported over the years to address the direct visualization and electronic display needs of our troops in the field. Feedback from the initial deployment of our technology back in 2004 suggested that commanders in the field found the technology to be valuable to their operations and made our troops safer.

Our soldiers risk their lives every day. We think we can help them perform their difficult duties while providing increased safety – and we appreciate the opportunity to work with the U.S. military to do just that.


  1. Have a safe trip, Ben!

    I'm really glad MVIS is building tools to make our troops safer - that's awesome!

  2. Hi,Ben.

    First time here. I stole a image from yr blog, but I credited you, of course.
    I'm from Brazil. I'm writing a story about de Sao Paulo aircraft accident last August.
    It's in Portuguese but there is a translate tool. Usually these stuffs make non-sense texts, but you can try.

    Tks a lot.


    Silvio Vasconcellos

  3. Ben,

    There's a little blurb regarding MVIS PicoP in an MSN article "Your PC in 2008 and Beyond".

    Nice to see a little mainstream exposure.


  4. At the last shareholders meeting, Alex said that it was impossible to remove speckle. So why are there at least two competitors talking about speckle-free projectors?

  5. Ben,
    FYI -
    A Projector for Cell Phones
    Many phones can play just about any video you want - as long as you're willing to watch on a 3-inch LCD. But a supplier of wearable displays for the US Army wants to change that. In July, Remond-based Microvision inked a deal with Motorola to develop a built-in projector for mobile devices. The plug-in version will arrive at the end of this year.
    25 million phones now have the technology to support a projector. By the end of 2008, that number will double to 50 million.
    Michal Lev-Ram, in Business 2.0, October 2007, p.28

  6. "The plug-in version will arrive at the end of this year"? What, you mean in 2 months? I don't think that's possible. I'm surpised they put something like that in print.

    Ben, would you please clarify if this is indeed incorrect. TIA

  7. Hey ben did you see the article in Seattle times?

    May be we can change their opinion this time.

  8. hey ben,
    how was the AUSA conference?
    thanks, any details?


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