DataSpeedInc Describes Creating MVIS LIDAR Jeep


Jess Bradmon Design

Encompass is an Experience Design project that was achieved using a combination of Product Design and Interaction Design. My goal for Encompass was to design the post-desktop experience. Through research of technology trends and opinions of futurists, a system was created. I knew that Virtual Retinal Displays would definitely play a major role in Encompass' functionality. Using V.R.D.s, the user can visualize anything he desires, anywhere he goes. Using micro-projectors mounted to eyewear, in combination with ear-buds, the user is able to be completely immersed in Augmented Reality technology. By using sensorless camera motion tracking, the hand intuitively becomes a tool for gesture-recognized controls similar to the iPhone and many other innovative electronics. I have classified this device as a Ubiquitous Computer, so it was important that it interact contextually with the user's location. This is achieved by an advanced network of GPS and WiFi navigation, as well as internet connection. A home server and main computer stores and processes all data to the Virtual Retinal Displays and ear-buds wirelessly. Since the technologies themselves eliminate the need for large displays, less televisions would be produced. Full high-definition viewing would be accessible anywhere, and would only be seen by the user. The ear-buds also house a microphone that enables volume control for the world around the user. Data can also be transferred from user to user wirelessly. The Encompass presentation includes examples of a user and how this user customizes and interacts with the product. So, what will you Encompass?

Jess Bradmon


  1. this is exactly the kind of visionary applications our picop eyewear can help realized in the near future...

    i am holding my breath... (hopefully i don't have to hold it for too long...hahaha..)

    great post again. Thanks Ben!


  2. Ya BABY! That's what I'm talking about....

  3. Nice post... where does conceptual end and reality begin here?


    (feel free to delete my other post:)

  4. This kind of thing will come into being. Since I've read "Einstein's Bridge" a few years ago, I've seen a few of the author's projections come to life.
    Virtual I/O:

    I even saw an episode of American Dad where the spy boss projected a surveillance video on a sumo's behind.

    This is in there too. :) Point being that if several people dream of a technological advancement, it's probably going to happen.

    If you don't belive it's probable, reach down to your hip and throw away your Star-Trek "communicator."

  5. Hi Ben, do you have any info on the possibility of a single RGB laser? If this was possible, the IPM laser count would go to 1; there would be no combiner optics.

  6. Congrats on the SHOW.
    There have been no new announcements on progress re. the IPM module itself since May 2007 when the wide angle scanner was announced. Has there been any progress on the IPM guts in the last 8 months, e.g. re. HD capability, path to speckle reduction, etc.?

  7. Interesting observation. All I can tell you is that we're never standing still...

  8. Anyone have an idea on how a Motorola spinoff of its cell phones, how will that affect the undisclosed deal that MVIS currently has with them?

  9. Does this have to do with MVIS and MOT


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