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Gizmodo: Microvision PicoP Throwing iPod Video...on Some Dude's Back

Gizmodo: Microvision Pico Projector Throwing iPod Video...on Some Dude's Back (Video)

Up until now we have only heard about Microvision's "plug-and-play" pico projector for mobile devices like PDAs, PMPs, digital cameras and laptops. Now that CES is here our own Nick McGlynn got the opportunity to see what this bad boy can really do. We also learned that the device pictured here is actually a prototype—the final version is expected to be smaller. (And again, don't be confused by Texas Instruments picoprojector, which isn't anywhere near final production.)

At any rate, testing showed good video quality at around 50 inches, and it managed to get in the neighborhood of the advertised 100-inch range. Plus, the video proves you can project decent images onto someone's back.


  1. hmmm....stock down 10%.

    Was TI's better received?

  2. Ben, nice work for the whole team. We are on to something very special indeed. My thanks.

  3. Here is my advice: Make the device USB chargeable. If possible make it so that it can run entirely off of USB power. Nobody wants to lug around another power adapter with them. Overall though, lookin pretty slick.

    on the stock issue, the whole market is down right now so it isn't necessarily what MV did.

    Best of luck to you and keep working on that color eyewear!!

  4. Just to clear up a typical misconception that appears many folks have:
    It will be up to the OEM's to design and configure the final consumer configuration and product. Microvision’s SHOW is just a prototype example for them to use as a demonstration model. We can assume that the final product from an OEM will be sleeker, have some other features and be sassier.

    Great job MVIS staff

  5. Here is a potential competitor to MV with their own phone projector:

  6. I've been waiting for a Microvision iPod projector for years, but the cable shown is way too funkey.

    I still say build into a little desktop unit, point it at the ceiling, and watch TV. The necks of America would thank you.

  7. Wow! The stock is taking a beating since the launch at the convention. Product must be NG. Too bad I just lost $25k in MV stock....


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