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Is that a projector in your pocket?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

One of the more interesting gizmos from last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from a business perspective is the Microvision Pico projector.

According to Gizmodo, the Pico laser projector is a pocket-sized item capable of projecting a still or video image between 30 and 250 centimetres diameter on to any flat surface.

Videos can be downloaded from your computer, iPod, mobile phone, digital camera or other portable device and played on the Pico, making it just about perfect as an easy way of keeping a video accompaniment on hand for that opportunistic business pitch or remote location presentations.

The Pico also has 2.5 hours of battery life, just enough to show most feature films – handy if you anticipate being stuck with nothing to do and no TV for some extended period of time.

The Pico is not yet market-ready, and according to Gizmodo the strongest long-term prospect for the device is actually for the projector to be incorporated into mobile phones.


  1. Thanks Ben,

    For the AR info too.

    Any thoughts on the 'What Should Apple Do Next?' articles carried by many news sources?

    Did you catch the newest addition to the MVIS fan club (microvision wikiblog)?


  2. thx for reading, Molly!

    haven't seen the articles...or the wikiblog! will take a look at that for sure.

  3. Your company's stock price is shitting the shower, any reason why?

  4. Hey Ben,

    I found this to be quite interesting:

    Best wishes

  5. The stock is down 25%. What's going on?

  6. it's time like this when i come here for support... so many hurdles... hangin there longs....


  7. "Your company's stock price is shitting the shower, any reason why?"

    People selling???? Market panic??? LOL!


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