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SHOW Pico Projector Wins Best Buzz Award from Insight Media

CES 2008 Best Buzz Awards

The Best Buzz awards are given by Insight Media at CES, and other trade shows each year. You can't petition to win - you win by showing a product or technology that gets people talking - something that creates buzz because of its uniqueness, innovation, styling, boldness or is just plain cool.

Following CES, we asked our crew to comment on what they saw and heard at CES, and what they thought deserved Best Buzz awards. Contributors to this year's award include Ken Werner, Steve Sechrist, Pete Putman, Chris Chinnock, Matt Brennesholtz, Dave Wares, Art Berman, Aldo Cugnini, Robert Brown, Mike Kalmanash and Paul Beatty.

Here are our Best Buzz Awards for the 2008 CES show.

Microvision for its Laser-based Pico Projector

At CES there were a lot of pico-projectors, but almost all featured LED illumination. Microvision has stuck with laser illumination for their two-axis scanning mirror approach, but image quality has always been under whelming. At CES, this changed. In the demo we saw, the electronics have been markedly reduced and the entire pico projector packaged into a hand held form. In addition, image quality has improved with a noticeable reduction in speckle. And, with a new light-rejecting and speckle-reducing screen, we finally see a path to nearly speckle free laser imaging from a pico projector. This is a big milestone in our opinion and the reason the company deserves a Best Buzz award.


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