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Goodbye to Squinting at Mobile Phone Displays, Hello to Pocket-sized Laser Projectors

Goodbye to Squinting at Mobile Phone Displays Hello to Pocket-sized Laser Projectors

Friday March 28, 11:59 am ET

Microvision Shows off Laser-Based Miniature Projector, Handheld Bar Code Scanner at CTIA Wireless 2008, April 1 - 3, Booth 4411

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REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Microvision (NASDAQ:MVIS - News) invites attendees of CTIA Wireless 2008 to test-drive its palm-sized, ultra-thin mobile laser projector prototype, code named SHOW™, at Booth 4411, from April 1-3 in Las Vegas.

Based on the company’s PicoP display engine technology, SHOW has already attracted the interest and joint development initiatives of mobile handset device manufactures, carriers and content providers. As either a mobile device accessory—or embedded module in a handset—mobile devices that integrate Microvision’s PicoP display engine into their products will be able to project any kind of digital content in a large, full-color, high-resolution format onto any surface.

"No more squinting at images and text on small mobile device screens. Consumers want a great big display that lets them project and share TV, digital photos, movies, and games—as well as browse the web—directly from their cell phones and other mobile devices. We invite CTIA attendees to experience the difference that a pocket-sized projector can make," says Alexander Tokman, president and CEO of Microvision.

Microvision will also demo at CTIA another laser-based product—its pocket scanner called ROV. An affordable Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner for mobile workers, the ROV scanner delivers data directly into business applications on users' laptops, mobile phones, and PDAs.


  1. Ben,
    What can you say about the full-color, see-through eyewear Microvision is going to have at CTIA show?

  2. Brian,

    Unfortunately, there's been a miscommunication regarding the information that was posted on the website -- all of our current systems are property of our customer. I would not expect to see them at CTIA.

    Thanks and apologies,

  3. Ben,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I was wondering. I have done a lot of R&D work with the Air Force and they generally limit dissemination of info about their work to Govt and Defense contractors while the work is underway and later while the technology is new. They do not want the advantages offered by the new technology to become available to potential opponents. Has MVIS considered showing this technology at a Defense industry conference?

  4. Hi Ben,
    If you are not going to have a full color see through demonstrator, then why does your website still state the following:

    "Also, view the world through a full color, see-through wearable display demonstrator. This is the technology that will lead to Mobile Device Eyewear, ready to interface to your mobile device.

    For Microvision, CTIA is about mobility and Life on Display™. Come join the conversation."

    If it was a miscommunication, then why hasn't this been removed?

  5. Joe,

    Good question. The website needs to be updated. Again, sorry for the confusion!


  6. Ben,

    Since it wasn't possible to show the full-color, see-through eyewear at CTIA, what's the possibiilty the planets will align so that can happen at SID? It would be nice to wow the world with one of the other major items MVIS is working on besides the pico projector.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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