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CES Day One

Dave and me

Hey all,

Well our first day at CES is in the books -- the booth crew was David Baty and myself, showing off the new SHOW WX projectors to many excited people. People really loved this thing and I think it's starting to get recognized that SHOW WX is the top product in this category in terms of image quality.

So, you have to give a lot of credit to our Engineering team up in Redmond who have really made it possible for us to stand up literally right next to a multi-billion dollar company showing their own small projector and have every single visitor tell us that our SHOW WX is much better.

That's due to many hours of hard work and dedication by a whole bunch of people who don't usually have the opportunity to come down for trade shows to see the customers respond first hand. So to our staff at HQ, big thanks for making us all look good and creating what I believe to be a sure-fire hit product.

We were positively slammed from the opening of the event and we met a whole lot of people eager to buy SHOWs as soon as they're available. So it's really nice to see customer demand voiced so strongly. Makes me think this could be a really terrific year for us. It was also great to meet more of our shareholders -- the excitement and passion for the company that our shareholders have is I think unlike just about any company out there. MVIS just captures people's imaginations in such a strong way and I want to thank everyone who flew out just to see our booth. I appreciate it a lot as do the rest of us.

Hope all's well out there and here's to a great next couple of days at the booth...!


  1. How about making this thing USB chargeable? Could you charge and show video at the same time? That would be desireable. Two hour battery life isn't enough time to watch two movies...

  2. Also I was reading one of your ealier posts:
    "In this way it draws a 60-Hz raster pattern or image that is roughly 480p"

    480p is great for the size of the projector, but are you guys going to be able to bump up to higher resolutions eventually?


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