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PC World Gear of the Year

Gear of the Year

Microvision Show WX

Tired of squinting at videos on a tiny handset? Connect your phone or laptop to Microvision's pocket-size projector to display photos, movies and more on the wall — at image widths of six to 100 inches. Roughly 4.5 inches by 2 inches and just 0.5 inch thick, the Show WX is a fraction of the size of most business projectors, yet it can project DVD-quality images in wide-screen format. Road warriors can take their dog-and-pony shows anywhere — without feeling like a pack mule. Still just a prototype, but expected to go into production this spring.

Available: Second half of the year

Price: $300 to $500


  1. It's a two-horse race between TI and upstart projectionist Microvision (Nasdaq: MVIS). TI is first to market with a Samsung phone designed for Korean and European consumers, which should be released this month. The company also expects to release a phone with its next-generation Pico technology by 2010. Microvision is hoping for its first commercial customers no earlier than the second half of next year. Though Microvision claims to have the smaller and more efficient projector chip, TI will have the first-mover advantage.

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    HURRY UP, MICROVISION, or you'll be left in the dust with us shareholders holding the (empty) bag!

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