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Economist Covers Mobile Augmented Reality

Reality, improved

AR, me hearties
It all sounds rather distant and futuristic. The idea of AR has, in fact, been around for a few years without making much progress. But the field has recently been energised by the ability to implement AR using advanced mobile handsets, rather than expensive, specialist equipment. Several AR applications are already available. Wikitude, an AR travel-guide application developed for Google’s Android G1 handset, has already been downloaded by 125,000 people. Layar is a general-purpose AR browser that also runs on Android-powered phones. Nearest Tube, an AR application for Apple’s iPhone 3GS handset, can direct you in London to the nearest Underground station. Nokia’s “mobile augmented reality applications” (MARA) software is being tested by staff at the world’s largest handset-maker, with a public launch imminent.

Here's a great article that describes the current state of the art of mobile augmented reality, and some of the technology underpinnings that will support an AR infrastructure.