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Microvision at ISMAR 2009

Hi all, please find my presentation at ISMAR above. It was a real thrill to be a part of the show, to meet the people who are implementing cool augmented reality applications today, and to get a sense for the coming groundswell for this technology. As the name suggests, ISMAR is a global event and there were people there from all over the world, representing business, science, academia, venture capital and so on. I got the sense that next year's ISMAR would be absolutely huge.

It's clear from the discussions I had with various industry members that a see-through wearable display that meets people's expectations from both ergonomics and display performance is the big, obvious missing link in the AR solution story. We at Microvision are working hard to fill in this gap and create a technology solution that can allow this new market to take shape.

(On another note, during the dinner period, I brought out the SHOWWX and had a blast playing our standard reel of Britney and Christina videos on the walls, tablecloths and ceilings. There was a patio area, it was dark out, and I ended up projecting a gigantic Britney on the side of the hotel. It was awesome fun as you can imagine.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the presentation and feel free to hit me up with questions (I'll do my best to answer them).



  1. Yes, yes, and more yes! So you think 2011 will be when Eyewear starts to hit the mainstream? Ha - I predicted 2011 back in 2001! (Just a fluke - I picked it because it happened to be in 10 years) Back then the pundits were predicting the future of tech, and there was so little about AR & mobile computing that I wondered what was up with the "experts". I saw this ad back then for an IBM Thinkpad that looked SO big and cumbersome and thought "Mobile computing? Come ON!" We can't even begin to imagine how empowering Eyewear is going to be.

    You must be really flying at ISMAR . . .

    P.S. I'm still curious how you're going to make dark parts of images opaque?

  2. Oh yeah, one more question: in order to see virtual objects all around you, how do the lasers stay aligned with your pupils (& retinas), when your pupil is pointing anywhere besides straight ahead? Put a reflector into a contact lens with a pivoting beam that responds to pupil-tracking? Or are you going to have to learn to move your head and not your eyes?!

  3. "So you think 2011 will be when Eyewear starts to hit the mainstream?"

    I seriously doubt it. I am thinking more like 2016 but I could be wrong. Ben?

  4. 2011 for the military product.

    There are a bunch of solutions for eye tracking, one of them was shown at ISMAR by Nokia's research group. Very impressive and trippy to be able to control a computer just by looking...

  5. Hello! If the target year is 2011 for the military product, what about the commercial application?


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