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NPR: A Tribute To The Laser, 50 Years On

A Tribute To The Laser, 50 Years On

All Tech Considered marks 2010 with a tribute — from musician and writer David Was — to the laser, which turns 50 years old this year. Was checks out new laser gadgets at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

And now, a tribute to a technology that is not new. It's old enough to become the butt of movie jokes - from the likes of "Austin Powers," spoofing James Bond movies. It's the laser.

Mr. BEN AVERCH (Global Product Manager, Microvision): I love lasers personally.

Mr. WAS: Ben Averch, the global product manager from Microvision, was unstinting in his affection for the beam and its role in his product, the show WX laser pico-projector.

Mr. AVERCH: Due to the quality of the laser light, we get about 240 percent of the available colors that you can see as opposed to an LED-based system.